Own a Wellness Studio

Welocity Booster is delighted to offer a fantastic business opportunity in the distribution and supply chain management for aspiring individuals to foster wellness entrepreneurship in the booming trillion dollar Wellness industry that goes beyond being just an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

We reckon financial wellness is one of the crucial spokes of our wheel of life and hence with a long term vision, noble mission, professional management and a wide range of world-class genomic wellness products and services, Welocity Booster is offering a wonderful platform for you to own a distribution business of your own, through exclusively appointed district-wise ‘Welocity Booster Wellness Studios’ that can help you earn impressive financial returns. With basic infrastructure, moderate investment and lean manpower you can encash this exclusive business opportunity in any district, pan India and grow stronger with time.
Wellness Studio

Wellness Studio: Eligibility

An active IBO of Welocity Booster, having fully understood the direct selling business model of Welocity Booster and its compensation plan can chose to own a ‘Welocity Booster Wellness Studio’ (District/City Level with area exclusivity as well as Mobile Studio without any area exlusivity) by making an Online Application in the IBO Back Office and submitting necessary documents.

As a pre-requisite, an IBO must have a registered business entity (proprietary / partnership / LLC / Pvt Ltd. / Public Ltd. company) with valid GST number with minimum 150 sqft office space (own / leased / rented) in the case of District/City Studio and willing to maintain a minimum inventory of Rs. 7.5 Lakhs (In case of District/City Studio) and Rs 1 Lakh (in case of Mobile Studio) of Welocity Booster Wellness products of his / her choice at all times. Such a Wellness Studio, by teaming up with the sponsoring IBO, Supporting Leader (Appointee) and the line of sponsorship shall develop business volume in that particular district in alignment with the training and support system of Welocity Booster. Such a Wellness Studio will be eligible to earn 6% (In case of District/City Studio) & 3% (in case of Mobile Studio) pre-deducted commission.

Wellness Studio

Exclusive Area with First Come First Serve Basis

Appointment of Welocity Booster Wellness Studio comes with a ‘1 District – 1 Wellness Studio’ policy. In metro cities, state capitals and all other major cities that have population in excess of 10 Lakhs, Welocity Booster reserves the right to appoint more than one Wellness Studio as per its discretion. The assigned area will be mapped against the entire PIN (Postal Index Code) and every sales registered within this specified area earns commission to the owner of Wellness Studio.
Wellness Studio

We reckon the amazing opportunity presented by the health and wellness sector in India, the second largest population of the world, post pandemic, is truly exciting. With increasing health and modern lifestyle concerns posing newer health challenges for this delicate generation, the need for effective and result oriented wellness solutions at the bottom of the supply chain management is huge. Due to the steady increase in the income levels of Indian middle class families and the acute need to adopt natural ways of healthy living, the average consumer expenditure now is significantly higher than ever before. This has evidently resulted in improved consumer awareness and acceptance of quality wellness products and services. Welocity Booster is keen to cater to this aspiring semi-urban target audience with its seamless wellness solutions helping them experience better quality of life.

So embrace Welocity Booster right now and put your life truly on fast track. We present a perfect success recipe that facilitates optimum physical fitness, strong financial security and impressive social recognition for you, provided you are willing to follow our simple and duplicable training and support system. Opting to own a Welocity Booster Wellness Studio is one of the best decisions you can make and we would like to once again reassure you that it truly comes with numerous advantages. By owning a Welocity Booster Wellness Studio, you will be giving yourself an amazing opportunity to be a part of our corporate mission of reaching out to 10 million Indians by 2025 and create the much-needed massive genomic wellness awareness.

Join hands with us for a noble cause.