Warranty Policy

Limited warranty under certain terms and conditions are listed below:

  1. 1. Applicable for 1 Year from date of shipment of the machine for free repair warranty & 7 years warranty for the Platinum Electrodes.
  2. 2. Plastic/Rubber parts, Wiring, Plumbing, Filters, Hoses or any other accessories/attachments are not covered under warranty.
  3. 3. This warranty is void if you remove the Original Stickers and Serial Number sticker from the machine.
  4. 4. This warranty does not cover defects/damage caused by the use of unauthorized parts or labor, or other misuse, accidental fire, flood,
  5. acts of God, abnormal services or alteration or modification in design/construction, or negligence, unreasonable,
  6. use, exposure, or any incidental, accidental or consequential damages.
  7. 5. Cosmetic damage such as scratches, warping, rusting, or melting of the plastic from hot objects is not covered under warranty.
  8. 6. To receive the warranty service, you will need to present your original warranty card.
  9. 7. The company will not be responsible for repairs & renewals for any damage during transit, hence pack the unit in its original package or a similar package which affords an equal degree of protection.
  10. 8. We will not be responsible for any transformer damaged by electricity fluctuation or by external elements.