Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our corporate vision is to be one of the leading wellness-based bio-tech companies globally delivering innovative and technology-driven wellness solutions to people from all walks of life.

Welocity Booster Vision

Let’s accept it. The Internet and the Smartphone had already transformed the way we lived our modern life. But, the new normal post Covid-19 has dramatically and permanently altered the way we think, address our health, do business and live our life. The inevitable digital economy has ruthlessly disrupted the business and the financial world. The conventional business models have crumbled like a pack of cards and are being replaced by technology-driven innovative ventures. Whether you like it or not, technology has entered every sphere of our life. The game of life has more or less remained the same but the rules have drastically changed. Adapting to the modern technology is simply inevitable.

Considering this new reality, we at Welocity Booster have already embarked on an exciting journey of exponential age, as Wellness industry is truly thriving. The emphasis on the value of human life has never been at its peak than right now. This is an exciting phase for organizations like us banking on technological innovations to drive the industry compelling people to adapt to the changing times. Welocity Booster is all set to unleash some of the advanced technologies that will put you way ahead of others.

Welocity Booster Vision

Our Mission

Our corporate mission is to reach out to 10 million people by 2025 and retain them as our
loyal wellness ambassadors.

Welocity Booster Mission

We, at Welocity Booster, are truly thrilled at the gigantic opportunity presented by the predictive and preventive wellness sectors in India, the second largest population of the world. With increasing modern lifestyle concerns posing newer health challenges for this delicate generation, the need for effective and result oriented wellness solutions at the bottom of the supply chain management is huge.

However, there is a sharp contrast. On one hand, due to the steady increase in the income levels of Indian middle class families, the average consumer expenditure is significantly higher than ever before. This has evidently resulted in improved consumer awareness and acceptance of quality wellness products and services. Welocity Booster is keen to cater to this aspiring semi-urban target audience with its seamless wellness solutions helping them experience better quality of life.

On the other hand, millions of people at the bottom of the wealth pyramid are struggling to cope up with the cost of living overcoming familiar challenges of unemployment, sustainable revenue generating activities and poor personal skill sets. Welocity Booster intends to specifically engage with this significantly large socio-economic section by empowering and helping them raise their standard of living a few notch higher.

Welocity Booster Mission