Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant

A Brief Industry Background

The Indian Bottled Water Industry is pegged at Rs. 160 Billion with an annual growth rate of 20.75%. This is estimated to reach Rs.403.06 Billion by 2024 as every citizen yearns for clean drinking water due to increased awareness.

Let’s look at the Alkaline Water industry. The US Alkaline Water Industry is pegged at $650 Million and is slated to go up to $1.5 Billion by 2023. The Japanese Alkaline H2 Water Industry is of $225 Million. EU & UK Alkaline water Industry is pegged at $250 Million. Considering the global trends, the Indian Alkaline Water industry will reach $200 Million by 2024. Currently, the consumption is driven exclusively through online sales and minimal availability of imported products at the premium self service outlets or 5-Star Hotels and some elite gyms.

Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant

What Welocity Booster Offers:

  • Appropriate technology through in-depth Research & Experience.
  • Custom made industrial plant and a fully automated turnkey plant, ready to install.
  • Economy of Scale: Procurement efficiency through centralized sourcing that includes setting up RO Module, Filtration, Storage Tanks, Water Ionizer, Filling & Multiple type Packaging facility.
  • Proprietary formulation of premix with natural minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, Chloride, Boron etc. to fortify Alkaline Water and make it nutritious with Zero Calories & Zero Sugar.
  • Provides its brand – Booster Water.
Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant

Features & Specifications of Alkaline Ionizer

  • High quality medical grade Platinum Coated Titanium Plates: 18 Plates, Made in Japan
  • Platinum coating of 2.0 micron, which is highest in its category
  • Plate sizes 117 mm X 59 mm
  • Can work with water up to 500 TDS
  • Water discharge rate: 600LPH for 8.5-9.5pH
  • Continuous outflow of 4000 Liters
  • Single-phase 230~250V. Electric power consumption per hour
    is approx. 400W.
  • Plate warranty: 2900 hours.
  • The plates are warranted for 2900 hours of usage.
  • The recommended daily usage is for 8 hours.
    Considering 365 days working for 8 hours is 2920 hours (Approx. 11.50Lac liters of Alkaline Water).

Process Module

Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant

Plant Schema

Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant

Filling & Packaging Options

1. Booster Water Pet Cans

Booster Water Pet cans with proprietary premix minerals packed in Pet cans with Aluminum lid bottles. Sizes: 250/ 500 ml

The premix formulation is only available with Booster Water proprietary packaging and coding. Our standard setup package includes- water filtration, treatment, ionization, premixes, storage, pet -can filing and packaging unit. This is a combination of manual and semi- automatic assembly line. Packaging capacity 4-5K- cans per day (500ml). i.e. 2-2.5K liters production

Turnkey Project cost approx... INR 25L

Add-on automation & machinery modules for refilling and packaging increased the production to 5-6K cans per day, with less labor intensive work environment. This automation costs at additional 4-5 lacs for the existing set up of INR. 25L

Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant
Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant

2. 20 Liter Jar Packaging

Along with the pet can packaging option, the 20 liter jar packaging is another promising product segment. You can choose to add another packaging option of 20liter Booster Alkaline Water Jars.

The jar refilling, packaging setup shall cost additions between 2.25- 8.5 L depending on the manual and semiautomatic modules, that offers the output packaging of 80 JPH to 200 JPH, manual/ semiautomatic setup, details can be discussed further.

We provide jar filling setup in addition to the pet can packaging setup. The Jar filling module is not supplied on standalone basis.

The proprietary Premix of Minerals and Vitamins is only available for MYB Brand retail packaging. Premix is not available for 20ltr packaging option

The client can buy MYB Commercial water ionizer- MYB 18600 model and setup its own brand of Jar filling and distribution business

3. Packaged Alkaline Water in PET bottles of 500 ml / 1 Ltr

Pet bottles is one for the most commonly used packaging option in packaged water. The client can buy commercial water ionizer from MYB and setup its own brand alkaline water in Pet bottles. We don’t supply turnkey solution for pet bottling plant. Welocity Booster Technology team had designed& built its plant setup structure with industry experts and oem manufacturers across India.

Simplest form of machine design and sophisticated technology at right balance makes the uniqueness of the plant setup. Quality is the key essence for efficient and effective output production, the same is ensured with the vendors supplying technology with the required customization at different level.

The uniform structures helps to keep the quality standards at par from all production facilities.

Plant Setup

Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant

Below are some of the major machinery and equipment required for the
Booster Water processing plant

  • Storage Tanks
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant
  • Treatment Tanks
  • Micron Filter
  • Water Sterilizers and Dispensers
  • Chlorination Tanks (optional)
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Sand Filter
  • Ozone Generator optional
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection System
  • Electronic Dozer for Alum and Chlorine (optional)
  • Processed Water Storage
  • Electrolysis Ionizer
  • Ionized water Storage Tank SS -303 with Nitrogen blanketing
  • Filling & Packaging unit
  • Lab setup
  • Other intermediaries and connections
  • Bore well & water collection system
  • PVC piping up to inlet of RO Sand/Media filter
  • Drainage / Backwash/ Waste / Reject pipe line of PVC for RO
  • Total Electrical wiring up to panel of the machine
  • Construction work
  • Availability of Chemist & Microbiologist

Others Requirement

  • Plant Construction work as per BIS
  • Hygienic conditions to be maintained to ensure final quality of the Water
  • Servo Power Stabilizer
  • Control Supply - 230 V AC+/- 10, Single Phase, 50 Hz for instrument Control supply

Licenses & Registrations Requirement

  • Registration of firm
  • ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)- optional
  • Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)
  • Pollution control certificate
  • Water test report from an authorized laboratory
  • Pest control certification


  • The basic unit is priced at Rs. 25 Lacs that includes 18% GST + Actual fight. Please note that being an Industrial unit, the price is indicative and might vary by 10-20% on a case to case basis for customization requirements.
  • The Price of SS Nitrogen purging storage tank is not included.
  • It is MANDATORY to sell the product under the BOOSTER WATER Brand.
  • The Pet cans, Jars and proprietary minerals will be provided by the Company. This will be an on-goingadditional cost.
  • Installation, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning charges will be borne by the Buyer.
  • Licensing costs will be borne by the Buyer. We will guide you on documentation and processes.
  • Area Exclusivity Fee is charged for one District or approx. 10 Lac Population (whichever is lower).
  • All civil and electrical works are to be borne by the Buyer.
  • All mandatory Water testing reports are to be conducted by the Buyer. We will guide on the compliance requirements.
  • Tentative Project completion Timeline is 75-100 days from the date of receipt of full payment.
Industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Plant
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