Manufacturing Facilities

Welocity Booster is the exclusive distributor across India and other Asian countries for ‘Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers’that are ‘Made in Japan’ by Maxell Ltd., the erstwhile Kyushu Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Buder Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970 and for over 50 years it has been continuously innovating and developing new range of electronic products with specialization in water dispensing solutions and successfully exporting its world-class products to over 40 countries. Buder’s product range includes POU water dispensers, boilers, water coolers, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, Water filtration, RO filters, Alkaline water ionizers and spare parts. It has ISO-90001 certificates and its products are approved under many certificates, such as MIT smile Mark, Energy Saving Mark, Green Mark and CE, TUV certification etc. With its excellent quality and efficient customer service it has set new benchmark in the alkaline water industry.

Welocity Booster Manufacturing Facilities

Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers are certified by TUV/ISO13485and the UF membranes that are mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges are certified by JIS/SGS. Undoubtedly, they are the best in the industry across the world. The electrodes are ‘Platinum Electrode Plates’ withMaxell,Ltd.’s unique patent and High-End ‘Perfect Platinum PFC’ Technology for electrodes surface treatment.The platinum electrodes plates are treated by very fine electroplating for the first time and treated by Sintering for the second time. Sintering is an effective process to reduce the porosity and enhances properties such as strength, electrical conductivity, translucency and thermal conductivity.The platinum electrodes after twin surface treatment form electrodes whose thickness is better than other manufacturers. It brings the best performance which is the best water ionizer in the world.

Welocity Booster offers world’s best Alkaline Ionizer that is far superior to many other players in this field. Originally manufactured, packed and exported from Japan, Buder Alkaline Ionizers boast of Unique Electrodes Design Patent, Automatic Reverse Cleaning Design Patent, Automatic indicator alert for built-in filter replacement, TUV certification, Advanced Technology and Automatic reversed cleaning during Electrolyzing by 1/50 second.

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