• Who is Welocity Booster?

    Welocity Booster is India’s Premium Wellness Organization that offers unique world-class wellness solutions to health-conscious individuals and families. It offers intellectual distribution of Wellness by creating massive awareness on the importance of predictive and preventive healthcare as well as Physical distribution of Wellness by offering premium wellness products that include Ayurveda Products, Food supplements and ‘Made in Japan’ Ionized Alkaline Booster Water solutions.
  • Where is Welocity Booster based?

    Welocity Booster is an India-based Wellness Company having its registered office in Pune, Maharashtra, Corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Global office in Sharjah, UAE.
  • What types of Wellness solutions does Welocity Booster offer?

    Welocity Booster offers well-researched and result oriented value-for-money Wellness Productsthat include Ayurveda Herbs and Food Supplements, Nutrigenomics based Welocity Genetics with 210 Phenotypes along with many other targeted genetics panels and a wide range of Ionized Alkaline Booster Water solutions, right from our flagship ‘Made in Japan’ Buder Alkaline Ionizer by Hitachi Maxell to outstanding range of commercial and industrial Ionized Alkaline Water solutions that includeBooster Water ATM, Commercial Alkaline Ionizerand Industrial Ionized Alkaline Water Plant.
  • What is the corporate philosophy of Welocity Booster?

    Welocity Booster aspires to create aworld of wellness where every individual experiences good health, lives a happy, long and possibly a life without major ailments. To achieve this goal, it recommends all health-conscious individuals and families to opt for ‘Welocity Genetics’ its once-in-a-lifetime DNA testing program that helps scientifically understand one’s own genetic profile, root causes of existing ailments, if any, and possible health risk factors of the future. Once done, it offers personalized recommendations to its valued patrons with customized gene-based diet plans (includes food and alkaline water), physical activity / exercise regimen and a host of lifestyle corrections based on one’s genetic profile. Long with this, we also provide some carefully selected Wellness Products and ‘Made in Japan’ Hitachi Maxell Ionized Alkaline Booster Water Solutions.
  • How Welocity Booster manages to offer such Premium Wellness products?

    Welocity Booster is promoted by experienced wellness entrepreneurs with the help of reputed, well-established and professional service providers that are leaders in their respective domain. Our Ayurveda herbs and food supplements are exclusively formulated and manufactured with USFDA approved world-class facilities in India, genetic testing is carried out in the DNA lab of International repute with highly qualified, experienced and professional genetic experts and ‘Buder Ionized Alkaline Booster Water Ionizer is manufactured in Japan by Hitachi Maxell. Our R & D team spends
  • What is F.A.M.E.?

    F.A.M.E. stands for ‘Food As Medicine Every day’. It was Hypocrates, the father of modern medicine, who had coined this phrase some 2500 years ago which simply means that we must consume food from the Mother Nature’s natural food-chain ecosystem that works like medicine in our body. F.A.M.E is absolutely an inexpensive way of being healthy through simple and natural ways.
  • What is Nutrigenomics?

    Nutrigenomics or Nutritional Genomics is relatively a new scientific discipline that uses modern genomics technology to study the inter-relationship between genes, nutrition and health. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from others, to foods. We all know that the right foods can be therapeutic in nature, especially if they are consumed in accordance with one’s genetic profile. Nutrigenomics allows us to understand how our genes affect our behaviour and response to foods, beverages and the supplements we consume.It also affects how our foods impact our gene expression.
  • What exactly is ‘Welocity Genetics’ Genetic Profiling or DNA testing?

    ‘Welocity Genetics’ DNA testing is an extremely insightfulnutrigenomics based comprehensive predictive healthcare program. It includes geneticprofiling through once-in-a-lifetime non-invasive saliva based DNA Test(currently with 210 Phenotypes), a personalgenetic report with scientific analysis and an insightful genetic counselling. Based on the genetic findings, we offer personalized recommendations that include gene-based diet plans, bespoke exercise regimen and customized lifestyle corrections along with Wellness Help Desk assistance for a period of 12 months and gene-banking facility for a period of 6 years.
  • What is DNA? Is DNA and genetics the same?

    DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a long, complex and self-replicating molecule that carries the genetic code or instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms. It is the main constituent of chromosomes. The studies of the DNA that includes heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics, is broadly called genetics. Both terms can be interchangeably used for general discussion.
  • Why DNA or Genetics is so highly talked about during the pandemic?

    The pandemic Covid-19 is caused by Corona. Corona is a virus and not bacteria. Most viruses have either RNA or DNA as their genetic material and the nucleic acid may be singleor doublestranded. The entire infectious virus particleconsists of the nucleic acid and an outer shell of (spike) protein. The simplest viruses contain only enough RNA or DNA to encode four proteins. So, during its study of Corona virus, its origin, genetic structure and invention of cure through a vaccine, DNA or genetics is widely used by researchers and scientists and hence genetics is discussed by every researcher. RT – PCR test also is one type of genetic test.
  • How many Phenotypes (Parameters) are included in Welocity Genetics DNA testing?

    ‘Welocity Genetics’ DNA testing - Advance Pack is a comprehensive DNA analysis which consists210 parameters. You will get 210 genetic insights in over 250+ page PDF.
  • Why should I opt for the Welocity Genetics DNA Testing?

    One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past. Today, we are forced to consider customization in every sphere of our life. Equipped withthe genetic insights that is specific to your genetic profile,our Nutrigenomics counsellors will be able to develop the best gene-based diet plan that can help you meet your nutritional, fitness and life-style related goals. By adhering to these recommendations, you will be able to modify your nutritional intake and prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.
    Welocity Genetics is designed to help you understand the root cause of many common health conditions and then help you solve them. In this program you will learn incredible insights into managing most widespread health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, chronic fatigue, low immunity, anxiety, depression, addictions, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, hypertension etc.
  • Can I get my DNA test done without contacting a healthcare professional?

    Yes. Welocity Genetics is a wellness-based genetics test and not a forensic or clinical DNA test. Hence, you can get your ‘Nutrigenomics’ DNA test done without consulting a health professional. Kindly note, every individual has the fundamental right to their own genetic information.
  • How reliable are Welocity Genetic DNA testing results?

    Welocity Genetics, in collaboration with GenOmbio DNA Lab, use the best-in-class technology all the way from saliva sample collection to genotyping, where our machines are imported from the United States of America. Importantly, the specificity of the test is 100% which means that you can expect 100% accuracy for your SNP calls within your genome sequence.
  • What are SNPs? How critical are they in my genome sequencing?

    SNP stands for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. They are single nucleotide variations in your genome sequence. It is important to note a key difference between a SNP and a mutation. A SNP is a single nucleotide variation in the genome sequence that is more common and found in more than 1% of the human population whereasa mutation is a single nucleotide variation in the genome sequence that is rare and found in less than 1% of the human population. Understanding one’s SNPs is very critical in the entire process of DNA profiling as it helps distinguish the variations from one person to the other.
  • How big is my DNA? Can I measure it?

    Your DNA consists of 3 billion base pairs (300 Crores x 2 pairs = 600 Crores) coiled up into 23 pairs of chromosomes. There are 23 x 2 pairs of Chromosomes in each human cell. There is an estimated 37.2 Trillion cells in a healthy adult human body.
  • How many genes does a human cell have?

    Till date genetic researchers have found over 25,000 genes in every cell of the human body. Genetics is a subject of on-going research and there are newer genes that are discovered on an on-going basis.
  • Will my genes change?

    No. Human genes can never change as you cannot change your biological father and mother. They are permanent. However, their expression can change.
  • If my genes cannot change then how will ‘WelocityGenetics’ DNA testingcan help me?

    Though human genes do not change, the way they expressin our body at various age can be regulated with a targeted diet, essential supplements and a healthy lifestyle. For example, if you carry an unfavourable genetic variant, which is detected well in time, you can eat foods that will fix the problem on a genetic level much before they express and create adverse impact in your body.
  • How would my Welocity Genetics DNA test report help me? Can it cure diseases?

    Welocity Genetics DNA testing is an extremely promising piece of predictive healthcare analysis at a genetic level. Hence, if you sincerely follow all the recommendations made in the report and the subsequent Action Plan and incorporate all the changes in your diet and lifestyle with the help of our in-houseNutrigenomics counsellors, you have a high chance of preventing diseases. Additionally, if you are blessed enough to carry a few genetic variants, then you can even reverse certain conditions using a non-drug approach.
  • Will my Welocity Genetics DNA testing results last for a lifetime?

    Yes. Your Welocity Genetics DNA testing results do last for a lifetime. However, since we are only genotyping 210 Phenotypes with some select variants in your DNA sequence that have been studied so far to have significant effect, their effect will not change. Also, new discoveries in this fast growing field may provide new insights into existing and newer genetic variants that have not yet been tested. This is why it may be valuable and highly recommended to upgrade your test periodically so that you can be on top of the latest geneticresearch and new breakthroughs in this field.
  • What is Gene Banking? What will happen to my DNA sample?

    Your DNA sample will be carefully stored in our secure, controlled-access freezer facilities and labelled only with your unique barcode number to maintain stringent privacy. With this facility you do not need to give your sample again and again, unlike a blood test, to learn more about your DNA variants in the future.
  • How long do I need to follow the advice for?

    Your Welocity Genetics DNA test results are not intended to merely create a short-term diet plan. The scientific information available in your DNA reportcombined with the genetic counselling by our experienced counsellorswill enable them to create a customized gene-based nutritional diet plan along with many other recommendations such as exercise regimen, and lifestyle modifications that will empower you with the knowledge with which you can continually make the best dietary as well as lifestyle choices for life. Hence, the results of Welocity Genetics DNA testing are valid for life.
  • Who will have access to my genetic test results?

    Your ‘Welocity Genetics’ DNA test report will be accessed only by our designated support staff and Welocity Nutrigenomics counsellors. Rest is assured that your Genetic report is your private health information and we employ a stringent privacy policy.
  • How do I buy ‘Welocity Genetics’ DNA testing? What are the steps involved?

    Step 1: Register online for absolutely free with the reference of an existing IBO by clicking on the ‘Sign up’ link on the home page. Then, click on the ‘Buy Now’ link on the home page and buy ‘Welocity Genetics’ Advanced Pack in Pack of 1, 2 or 4. You may pay through Online Payment Gateway or directly to any of the company banks (ICICI / HDFC) accounts or any of the Welocity Booster Wellness Studio pan India.

    Step 2: Your DNA saliva sample collection kit will be sent to you by courier within 7 working days from the date of online purchase or you may collect it on the spot from our Wellness Studios. Now, you may give your saliva sample as per the prescribed procedure. Kindly refer to our short video on Saliva Sample Collection procedure in the ‘Video Gallery’. Now, you may send your saliva sample to Welocity Booster offices at Mumbai or Pune through self-addressed envelope through normal courier or speed post.

    Step 3: Your sample will be sent to the DNA lab for profiling. Once your DNA sequencing is captured, our Bioinformatics Officers will carefully study your genetic variants and create a customized report based on scientific studies and post your test report in PDF format, which will be sent you in your registered email ID and in WhatsApp. The report is self-explanatory to a great extent but you may not be able to interpret it correctly. Hence, our Support Staff will arrange your genetic counselling by our Welocity Genetic Counsellor.

    Step 4: Based on your genetic report, our Genetic Counsellors will curate a customized diet plan which will be sent to you within 7 working days. You can get back to the Welocity Genetics Help Desk anytime through email, WhatsApp or phone call for any future assistance.

  • How long will my results take?

    From the time your saliva sample reaches our office in Pune, your Welocity Genetics DNA test report will take 21 working days. And once your genetic counselling is done, it will take us 7 working days to give your customized action plan.
  • Will my Welocity Genetics DNA test report be delayed beyond the stipulated time? If yes, what are the reasons?

    Yes. Your Welocity Genetics DNA test report may be delayed beyond the stipulated 21 working days in the event your saliva sample is contaminate giving poor DNA yield. In this case, the machines cannot capture adequate genetic data and hence the sample needs to be re-runin the next immediate batchwhich can cause unnecessary delay. However, even after the re-run if the adequate raw DNA data is not captured, the lab will declare the sample as contaminated and rejects it. In such an event customerneeds to buy a fresh DNA Sample collection kit for Rs. 1000/- that includes 18% GST and shipping charges and resend the sample.
  • What are the primary reasons for the saliva sample to be contaminated?

    The quality of your saliva sample could be poor due to not following the saliva sample collection instructions properly. For instance, if you have not fasted for 30 minutes before the sample collection or not rinsed your mouth with clean water before 10 minutes prior to spitting or if there is still food or tobacco stuck in your mouth or if you have touched the funnel with your fingers before the sample collection or lips have touched the funnel during sample collection, the saliva sample collected could be of poor quality which will result in unnecessary delay and waste of time, money and efforts. So kindly watch the video multiple times to familiarize with the simple procedure.
  • What is Gene Banking? What will happen to my DNA sample?

    Your DNA sample will be stored in our secure, controlled-access facilities and labelled only with your unique barcode. With this facility you will not have to give your sample again and again, unlike a blood test, to learn more about your DNA in the future.
  • What are the other Genetic tests that Welocity Genetics Offers?

    Apart from the Advance Pack, Welocity Genetics also offers Targeted Genetic Panels with DNA Testing for Diabetes Management, Cardiac Management, Weight Management, Healthy Women and Smart Kids. These panels have specific DNA tests between 30 and 60 and are aimed at sequencing specific genes and providing specific results.
  • I am diabetic. Should I opt for Targeted Diabetic Panel or the Comprehensive Advance Pack?

    To begin with, you are free to opt for Targeted Welocity Genetics Diabetic Management Panel which comes relatively at a lower cost. However, considering that your Diabetic condition can be a result of multiple other inter-related health conditions, we highly recommend you to opt for Advance pack that has 210 phenotypes and offers great value for money. What’s more, when you buy a Pack of 4, the cost offers a greater value for money.
  • What are the wellness solutions does Welocity Booster provide?

    Welocity Booster provides many gene-based wellness solutions such as customized diet plan, exercise regimen and personalized lifestyle modifications. Apart from that, it also offers premium wellness supplements, Ayurveda herbs, and various alkaline water based solutions.
  • What kind of Alkaline Water Solutions Welocity Booster provides?

    Welocity Booster provides ‘Made in Japan’ 7-plate as well as 3-Plate Buder Alkaline Ionizer for domestic purpose along with Hydrogen Water bottle, Hydrogen Shower, Nano Hydrometer and Terra wash. Apart from domestic Alkaline Water solutions, it also offers commercial Alkaline Ionizer, Booster Water ATM and also Alkaline Ionizer Industrial Plant.
  • Who is the Manufacturer of Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer?

    The Manufacturer of Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer is Hitachi Maxell from Japan. The machines are manufactured in the state-of-the-art world-class manufacturing facilities of Maxell in Japan, packed in Japan and exported to India for exclusive distribution.
  • Does Welocity Booster have exclusivity for Distributing Hitachi Maxell Alkaline Ionizer in India?

    Yes. Welocity Booster is the exclusive authorized distributor of Buder Alkaline Ioniser in India, UAE and 7 more SAARC countries. You cannot buy these machines from any other sources in these countries apart from Welocity Booster.
  • What are the specific properties of Buder Alkaline Ionizer?

    Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer carries 3 extra-ordinary properties such as healthy pH (from 2.7 pH to 10.5 pH), highest negative ORP (Oxidation Reducing Property) of -1000 mV and Micro-clustering property which reduces the water molecule for better absorption.
  • Why Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer is so expensive?

    On the face of it, Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer may appear to be an expensive machine. However, when you closely pay attention and learn that it has 7 Titanium Plates with Platinum Coating, Patented Auto-cleaning Process, Warranty of 7 years with a shelf-life of 25 years, you will realize you are buying an extremely useful medical device for the entire family. What’s more, when you watch a demo that shows you excellent health benefits, you will realize that the cost you pay is fully justified against the value you will derive from it.
  • What is primary difference between 7-Plateand 3-Plates Machine?

    Apart from the number of Titanium Plates, the pH level of alkaline water produced by both these machines does vary. While a 3-Plates machine gives you from 5.5 to 9.5 pH water, the 7-Plates machine will give you 2.7 to 10.5 pH alkaline ionized water.
  • What is the difference between RO and Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer?

    RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology produces acidic water as it eliminates all minerals from the water. Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer gives pure and healthy water with essential minerals intact.
  • Is Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer uses in Chemicals?

    No. Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer does not use any Chemicals to produce pure and healthy drinking water full of minerals.
  • What are the features of the Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer?

    Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer gives is for domestic (personal or family) use which gives from 2.7 pH to 10.5 pH pure and healthy drinking Ionized Alkaline water. It can work very well without a RO pre-filter up to 500 TDS. It is maintenance-free as it has a patented auto-reverse technology.
  • Do I need to periodically change the filter? If YES, after how long?

    The Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer filter works till 12,000 litter of pure and healthy drinking water. For a family of 4, it will last for over a year comfortably. You can get the exact count of water consumed, digitally. After 12, 000 litters, you need to change the filter, (original filter, imported from Japan) that costs Rs. 8000 + GST.
  • Can I use Welocity Booster Buder Alkaline Ionizer to prevent hair fall?

    To prevent hair fall, Welocity Booster provides Hydrogen shower.
  • I have been drinking water regular pot water or boiled water. Isn’t this okay?

    Well, as a matter of fact most of us drink either regular water from the pot, cold water from the fridge or regular boiled and cooled water from various kinds of bottles, vessels and containers, but all these types of water will not give you the health benefits that one should ideally look for such as higher pH, negative ORP or micro clustering properties. Due to the increasing pace of modern lifestyle, to prevent various kinds of diseases, we must drink ionized alkaline water.
  • Can I carry Buder Ionized Alkaline Water in a bottle? How long does it properties last?

    You can comfortably carry Welocity Booster Buder Ionized Alkaline Water in a bottle while you are traveling. The properties will last for 72 hours.