Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer

India’s First Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer

based on Electrolysis principles

Team Welocity Booster has always believed in the principle of making a difference to people from every section of the society. Making a difference in the Predictive as well as Preventive Wellness industry has been our guiding force. Inspired by this thought, all our product identifications are aimed at enabling our
fellow citizens to lead Life on the Fast track.

Our domestic Alkaline Water Ionizers from Hitachi Maxell, Japan have transformed lives of our committed users and their families and added to a set of fitter, more health conscious and evidently healthier people who have merely cared to change the water they use.

Equipped with this eventful experience of reaching out to health-conscious people on the domestic frontwith our elegant Alkaline Ionizers, Welocity Booster, true to its founding principles of Research, Innovate, Design & Developsolutions, undertook this exciting revolution with an objective of offering ionized Alkaline ‘BOOSTER WATER’ to every household.

Team Welocity Booster initiated painstaking research and developmental activities to design and develop India’s First Alkaline Ionized Water Commercial venture through its proprietary, path breaking and revolutionary commercial set up to suit the need of the masses.

Considering the pack sizes, price points and industry partner requirements, Welcoity Booster has developed multiple viable commercial options for serving the water essential needs.

Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer
Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer

Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer Features

  • 18 Plates Platinum Coated Titanium Plates
  • pH 8.5-9.5
  • 600 LPH (Liters per hour) Discharge Flow
  • Easy Flow Management System
  • Easy Cleaning Mechanism
  • ORP -300 to -800
  • Continues Outflow upto 4000 liters
  • H2 Rich Ionized Water Generator
  • Low Maintenance
Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer


  • Cutting-Edge Ionization Technology on Electrolysis Principals
  • High quality medical grade Platinum Coated Titanium
  • 0.5 Micron coating of platinum on titanium plates
  • Specialized Internal Membrane to handle heavy flow rate
  • Works for water up to 500 TDS
  • Inbuilt Micro Filters, Carbon with UV that provides clean and bacteria free water
  • Output capacity 600 Liters per hour
  • Customized filtration system on basis of input water
  • The filtration system removes the harmful dissolved TDS matters, bacteria, bad smell, odor, color, fluoride, chlorine, and dangerous contamination
  • Easy installation and operating
  • Direct connection to Input municipal water
  • Incase of well water, RO treatment and storage is required
  • Drainage connection is required to outflow reject water Output alkaline acidic water rate 70 / 30, 60 / 40 depending on input water quality
  • 20 liter jar fills in just 2 mins
  • Plates capacity: 9.0L+ liter of electrolytic water discharge, depending on water quality and maintenance
  • Maintenance cost for water filtration system 0.20 paisa per liter
  • Automated cleaning, low maintenance

Technical Specifications

Voltage 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase
Operating Pressure 0.1~0.4 Mpa
TDS Input 200 TDS to 500 TDS
TDS Output 150 TDS to 200 TDS
pH 8.5 pH / 9.5 pH
ORP -300 to -800
Micro-Clustered 4 to 6 Molecules per cluster & Hexagonal
Input Water Municipal Water
Output Water Active Hydrogen, Electrolyte Water
Machine size -
Automation Fully Automated System
Vending Equipment PCB electronics type
Body Material Side Panels MS powder coated
Warranty 11.5 lacs liters
Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer



Refill and deliver highly enrich and ionized alkaline water to your clients daily

20 liter / 5 liter & 1 liter Bottles refilling

Commercial Alkaline Water Ionizer

Price: Rs. 8,68,500 (Inclusive of GST) + Actual Freight

  • Welocity Booster will provide the Alkaline Ionizer Only.The rest of the set-up is to be done by the Plant owner.The set up shown is for indicative purpose only.
  • Branding, sealing, packaging is the responsibility of the owner.
  • Plates are to be changed after 2900 hours of usage. Plates are warranted for 1 year or 2900 hours of operations (whichever is earlier).
  • With a flow rate (estimated 600L per hour), the plates are to be changed after 11.50 Lac litres of Alkaline Ionized Water production.