Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer (3 Plates)

Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer - 3 plates (HI-TA812)

Recharge your water with the benefits of Alkalization & Antioxidants. Get the trusted patented technology in a convenient 3 plate design for domestic use.

Alkaline Water
Trusted Performance, Affordable Price
Get the high performance of our Alkaline Water Ionizers along with the affordability of the 3 Plate Design
Alkaline Water
4 Stage Filtration System
Inbuilt 4 stage filtration system with 0.1 micron UF membrane that removes 13 Types of Contaminants with a Filter Lifetime of 12,000L
Alkaline Water
Patented Technology
Thicker and larger Electrode Plates with 7 year Warranty for better Electrolysis and Improved Durability with Patented Designs.
Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer - 3 plates
Alkaline Water
Wide pH Range
With settings from pH 5.5-9.5, get the right pH Water for all your needs such as Drinking Water,Beauty Water and Cooking Water
Alkaline Water
ISO Certified Medical Device
Certified by Water Quality Association, Illinois, USA and ISO-13485 for Medical Grade Device Manufacturing and Assembly.
Alkaline Water
Self Cleaning Technology
Patented Reverse Cleaning Technology which cleans the Electrode Surface 3600 times per hour to prevent build up of mineral deposits on Electrode Surface.