Japan, France, Singapore have an
average life expectancy of 80+ years & rank among the lowest
in per-capita Healthcare Expenditure. Do you know Why?

Apart from the fact that they follow healthy diet patterns and disciplined exercise regimen,
all these countries follows one thing in common!


is unanimously acknowledged as the leaders for technology advancement,
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Booster Alkaline Water
Provides ORP upto -1000 mV which reduces the oxidation in the body by eliminating the reactive oxygen and slows the aging process to allow the cells to heal faster
Booster Alkaline Water
Filtration System
Inbuilt 4 stage filtration system with 0.1 micron UF membrane that removes 13 Types of Contaminants with a Filter Lifetime of 12,000L
Booster Alkaline Water
7 Platinum Plates
The Platinum-Titanium Electrode Plates are thicker and larger than the Electrodes of other brands which provides better electrolysis output for all types of uses.
Booster Alkaline Water
Booster Alkaline Water
Patented Design
Electrodes are designed using Maxell’s Patented Surface Treatment Technology for enhanced durability and electrolysis efficiency.
Booster Alkaline Water
ISO Certified
Certified by Water Quality Association, Illinois, USA and ISO-13485 for Medical Grade Device Manufacturing and Assembly.
Booster Alkaline Water
Self Cleaning Technology
Patented Reverse Cleaning Technology which cleans the Electrode Surface 3600 times per hour to prevent build up of mineral deposits on Electrode Surface.

Do You Know Your Genes?

Discover what your genes have to reveal about the root cause of your existing ailments,
if any, and the risk factors of all possible health challenges in the future. What’s more, find proven customized wellness solutions
with your gene-based diet plan and personalized lifestyle modifications.

Genetic Testing : Advance Pack

Explore Genetic Testing - Advance Pack in Pack of 1 (Single/Individual), Pack of 2 (Twin/Couple), Pack of 4 (Group/Family) and get scientific genetic insights and personalized gene-based solutions (including diet plan) along with customized lifestyle modifications for healthier living.

Welocity Wellness Products

Unify with Nature with AYURVEDA PRODUCTS

Make scientifically validated & harmoniously formulated Welocity Wellness food supplements as well as Ayurveda Products with blend of ancient wisdom & modern science.
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Welocity Booster Wellness Products